Monday, February 19, 2018
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Who we are

Football Fans


The Football Industries MBA programme (FIMBA) is truly unique.  It is the only course in the world that focues on the professionalisation, business and marketing of football.

Based at the University of Liverpool, the postgraduate MBA was established in 1997, following extensive consultation with the football industry.  Since then, it has consistently delivered the indsutry's next generation of football executives, attracting multilingual, mature professionals from all over the world who combine extensive business and management experience with a passion for football.

These graduates are the FIMBA Alumni.

The FIMBA Alumni, with over 200 members, currently reside in more 30 countries across the world.  Working at the shap end of the football and sports industry, including:

Governing bodies & Leagues: FIFA, UEFA, the AFC, KNVB, the Football League, the Scottish Premier League, the Swiss Football League....

Clubs: Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Everton FC, Celtic FC, Wigan FC, FC Tokyo, FC Seoul, Clube Athletico Miniero, America FC....

Agencies: FMM International, IBM, Infront, Kentaro, Sportfive, Octagon, Traffic Sports Marketing, Image Brasil Marketing....

And more: Leaders in Football, Fantasy League, Deloitte Sports Business Group, Sports Marketing Surveys, Manchester United Soccer School....

We are FIMBA Alumni.

Our business is football.

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