Monday, February 19, 2018
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The Leader

The Leader is a completely free weekly newsletter incorporating a considered view on the issue of the week, an interview with a recognised leader and a weekly summary of business news. Impartial, independent, authoritative and non promotional, it is the essential digest for anyone serious about football.

Rogan Taylor, founder and Director of the Football Industry Group is a regular columnist and provides his thoughts on the latest developments in the football industry in his own unique and authoritative style.

It is brought to you courtesy of Leaders in Football, the world's most exclusive football business event.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the view of FIMBA Alumni.

01 August 2011

ROGAN TAYLOR: HERE WE GO....AGAIN Out in the jungle where rivalling powers live, any signs of weakness or injury are ruthlessly exploited. Tigers perpetually prowl, sniffing for blood; vultures cruise looking for bruised and stumbling prey. It’s the Law. It’s much...
11 July 2011

    ROGAN TAYLOR: STRONG HORSE?  It’s that time of year again. Actually it only comes once every two years when there’s no World Cup or Euro Championship to feed us through the otherwise lean months of football-less June’s and July’s. And, given...
20 June 2011

I must admit when I heard the news from Eastlands that AFC Wimbledon had been promoted into the Football League, I celebrated the result almost as if I’d been supporting them myself since boyhood. I punched the air; no...
10 June 2011

  Every year at about this time, we read an epic account of the state of English football, and the most headline-grabbing stuff is usually about the Premier League. It has distinctive Miltonic elements; it’s a perennial story...
19 May 2011

  This time last week I was just finishing a brief stint in Azerbaijan. It involved giving seminars and engaging with guys from the Azeri FA and some of the clubs. And, I'm glad to say, the guys weren't...

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